How to recover deleted notes

How to recover deleted notes
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How to recover deleted notes

Anytime a note is deleted, it is automatically moved to a notebook in your account called the ‘Trash’ notebook. Deleted notes remain in the ‘Trash’ notebook until they are manually discarded, and can easily be restored at any time. If you think you’ve accidentally deleted a note, first check if it’s in the ‘Trash’ notebook.

Notes that are in the Trash can be restored to the notebook from which they were deleted. If you’re using Evernote for Windows or Mac, simply right-click the note and choose the Restore or Restore Selected Notes option. 

Find deleted notes in your 'Trash' notebook

To view the contents of your 'Trash’ notebook:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your notebooks list. The ‘Trash’ notebook is the last notebook in the list.
  2. Open the ‘Trash’ notebook to look for your missing notes. Notes in the trash do not appear in search results.

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Recover deleted notes

  • Desktop computers (Mac and Windows Desktop): Right-click on a note and click Restore (or select multiple notes and click Restore Selected Notes to move notes out of the ‘Trash’ notebook and return them back to the notebook it was saved to before it was deleted. If that notebook no longer exists, the note is placed in your default notebook.
  • Mobile devices: Tap the note you’d like to restore and tap Restore



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