How to set up the Evernote widget on Android

How to set up the Evernote widget on Android
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How to set up the Evernote widget on Android

Android Evernote widget

With the Evernote widget, you can create notes right from an Android home screen, without the need to launch the Evernote app itself.

Use the Evernote widget to quickly create new notes and save locally-viewed content such as web pages, photos, and audio recordings.


How to configure your Evernote widget

The Evernote widget is included in the Evernote for Android installation.

Add Evernote widget to Android
  1. Find some empty space on your home screen and long press
  2. Tap the Widgets tab
  3. Locate the Evernote widget options
  4. Press and hold the widget of your choice and drag it to your home screen

Frequently asked questions


How do I install the Evernote widget directly from the Play Store?

The Evernote widget is no longer a separate app and is now built into the Evernote app. Update your Evernote app to version 7.2 or later from the Play Store to access the widget.


Can I go back to the old widget if I prefer using that version?

The old Evernote widget is no longer available.


How come I'm only able to see the 1 x 1 Evernote widget option?

Evernote needs to be installed on internal device memory to access the 4 x 1 or 4 x 2 widget options. To move the app, go to Settings > Apps > Evernote and move the app from the SD card to the internal device memory.


How do I get the 'Dark' theme on my widget?

The 'Dark' theme is only available on the 4 x 2 widget. Tap the gear button to access the 'Customize Widget' page, then select the 'Dark' theme and tap Save.



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