AI-Powered Search is a powerful tool, built right into the current Evernote search experience, that lets users ask questions and get answers in natural language about their notes. Users will be able to easily retrieve the notes they are looking for by simply describing them and can even get the exact piece of information they need without going through the contents of a note.

That is a giant leap ahead compared to the traditional keyword-based search and will enable entirely new ways to capture and retrieve knowledge, possibly eliminating completely the burdensome process of organizing information.

Note: AI-Powered Search is in beta and is being rolled out to customers on all Evernote plans for a limited time.

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At Evernote we take many precautions to keep your data private and secure, especially when we use AI models to process it, and we make sure that your notes will never be used for training without your consent. In addition, all of our AI features are opt-in only, to guarantee that you are the one deciding to power your Evernote with AI.

For this reason, when searching in the latest version of Evernote, by default you will be in “Standard Search” mode. To switch to AI-Powered Search, you can press “AI-Powered” in the switcher above your search bar.

You are now able to type questions inside the search bar and get answers based on the content of your notes. You can also press one of the example questions listed below the search box.

At any moment, you can switch back to Standard Search mode to disable AI processing of your search queries.




After performing a search in AI-Powered Search, you can also press on the three-dots near on the answer box for some advanced options:

  • View results in Standard Search to see the notes found by AI-Powered Search in the Standard Search view, where you will be able to refine your search results using filters and other advanced features.
  • Copy search query to copy to your clipboard the search query that was generated by Evernote to identify the most relevant notes to answer your questions. This query may consist of multiple keywords and take advantage of Evernote Search Grammar.
  • Take a feedback survey to help us improve the feature by reporting any issues or providing comments through a short survey.

Accuracy and limitations

Every time you ask a question through AI-Powered Search, Evernote scans your notes for the most relevant information and uses state-of-the-art AI technology to generate an answer based on those notes, including PDF files, hand-written images and other attachments. We strive for accuracy in developing and improving this extremely complex process so that Evernote will identify the right notes and extract the exact information you were looking for without altering its meaning.

At times, however, the feature may return a wrong or unexpected answer. For example, this may happen if your question can only be answered with information that is scattered across many notes or encoded in attachments.

To help you fact-check the AI-generated answer, you will see a list of notes that were used by the model as sources.


Frequently asked questions

  • Can I try AI-Powered Search for free?

    Yes. For the time being, AI-Powered Search is available to users on all plans.
  • Does AI-Powered Search involve third-party vendors?

    In order to provide the best possible experience for our users, we may need to work with providers such as OpenAI to better support certain features and functionalities like the processing of note content. However, rest assured that we take your privacy and security very seriously and that any personal information disclosed to these vendors are subject to strict data protection requirements as outlined in our Privacy Policy. We are committed to protecting the privacy of your data and ensuring that your information is kept safe and secure.

  • Will AI-Powered Search also work on shared notes?

    Yes. You will be able to search through all of the notes that you have access to, including the notes you shared with other Evernote users and those that were shared with you.

  • Why does the answer state that an accurate answer could not be generated?

    This means that a problem has occurred during the search process. This could be due to various possible reasons, such as an unknown server error.

    Additionally, AI-Powered Search may block answers that violate our Terms of Service, including our Supplemental Terms and User Guidelines, or that may lead to outputs that violate our Terms. Please ensure that your use of AI-Powered Search complies with our Terms and refrain from engaging in any activity that may be harmful to you, the feature, or others.

  • How is my data processed?

    Only your most relevant notes are processed. When you input your query, the first thing we do is identify the most relevant notes for that specific query. Those are the only notes processed by the third party to provide you with an answer. When you make a filter request, no notes at all are sent to or processed by the third party.

  • How can I provide feedback?


    You can help us improve AI-Powered Search by pressing the thumbs up/down button under the answer box. You can also share additional thoughts by pressing the “Take survey” link. Your contribution is crucial to help us improve this brand-new feature!





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