AI note cleanup

With AI Note Cleanup, you can quickly and easily tidy up messy, scattered notes–all without altering their original meaning or tone. No more sifting through disorganized notes to find the information you need. Save time and enhance productivity by streamlining your note-taking process.

  • Keep your notes neat and tidy. Automatically add formatting, rephrase incoherent sentences, and fix typos–all in an instant.
  • Stay organized and on top of your tasks. Visually prioritize action items, separating them from the rest of your notes so you can easily see what needs to be done and when, without any distractions.

Note: AI Note Cleanup is being rolled out to customers on all Evernote plans for a limited time.

Clean up notes

To get started, add content to a newly created note or open an existing note. Click or tap the AI Cleanup button (desktop) or the AI button (mobile) in the formatting toolbar of the note editor.

Evernote will generate a revised version of your note with added structure and improved clarity.

Feature limitations

Visual characteristics: Certain Evernote elements within notes such as Tasks, Calendar events, images, and links, may not be adjusted along with other content in the note.

Character limit: Notes containing less than 100 characters, and more than 6,000 characters are not compatible with AI Note Cleanup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I revert changes made by AI Note Cleanup?

Yes. You can click or tap the Undo button in the editing toolbar to reverse the last change or edit made to the note.

Additionally, customers with a paid Evernote subscription can view and/or export an older version of the note using note history.

The restored version can then be imported back into your account. Import does not overwrite or change the current version of the note. To learn more, visit Use note history to view older versions of a note.

Can I use AI Note Cleanup in a note that was shared with me?

Yes. Anyone with edit access to the note will be able to use AI Note Cleanup to adjust the note.

Note: If someone else makes an edit to the note while AI Note Cleanup is in progress, the cleanup process is immediately canceled.

Why does it take a while to clean up my note?

Depending on the content and size of your note, it may take a bit longer to generate a revised version. For example, large notes containing lots of text or those with a complex structure (e.g., lists, headings, tables) may need more time to load than smaller notes or notes with a more plain structure.

Why is the AI Cleanup button greyed out while in a note?

This means that the note is not compatible with AI Note Cleanup because it is either too short (under 100 characters) or too long (over 6k characters). It could also mean you are currently offline, as AI Note Cleanup can only work with an active internet connection.

Why do I see the message “Unable to cleanup this note” when trying to use AI Note Cleanup?

This means that a problem has occurred during the cleanup process. This could be due to various possible reasons, such as an unknown server error, a timeout issue where processing was aborted after a certain amount of time, or the note character limit being exceeded. This also may occur when the note contains complex content or special Evernote elements like Tasks, Calendar events, and images.

Additionally, AI Note Cleanup may block inputs that violate our Terms of Service, including our Supplemental Terms and User Guidelines, or that may lead to outputs that violate our Terms. Please ensure that your use of AI Note Cleanup complies with our Terms and refrain from engaging in any activity that may be harmful to you, the feature, or others.

Where can I share feedback or report bugs?

You can report issues and share your thoughts on each revised edit immediately after it has been generated with AI Note Cleanup. A blue banner will appear, confirming the note has been edited using AI Note Cleanup. Within the banner, you can click or tap the Send feedback button to be taken to our survey where you can rate your experience, let us know about any unexpected behavior, and, if you choose to, even share your note to help us debug and improve the feature.

Can I try AI Note Cleanup for free?

Yes. AI Note Cleanup will be available to customers on all Evernote plans for a limited time.

Does AI Note Cleanup involve third-party vendors?

In order to provide the best possible experience for our users, we may need to work with third-party providers [such as OpenAI] to better support certain features and functionalities like the processing of note content. However, rest assured that we take your privacy and security very seriously and that any personal information disclosed to these vendors will be subject to strict data protection requirements as outlined in our privacy policy. We are committed to protecting the privacy of your data and ensuring that your information is kept safe and secure.

Why was content added that was not originally in my note?

Sometimes, AI Note Cleanup might generate content that was not originally included in your note due to advanced language models used to analyze the context and meaning of the text. These models help the feature identify and correct errors, fill in missing information, and suggest improvements to enhance the overall clarity and coherence of your note. It’s important to keep in mind that, due to the nature of the technology, these advanced language models are not error-free and have the potential to generate controversial, incorrect, or undesirable outputs. To minimize this, we have implemented systems to limit such content generation. If you encounter any issues or wish to send us feedback, please refer to the "Where can I share feedback or report bugs?" section of the FAQ above.

Why did my non-English text get translated into English?

Currently, AI Note Cleanup is optimized for use in English. It aims to identify and correct errors for better clarity. However, due to the nature of the technology, non-English text may be translated into English at times. If you encounter any issues or wish to send us feedback, please refer to the "Where can I share feedback or report bugs?" section of the FAQ above.

Why were some elements moved to the bottom of my note?

Sometimes, when cleaning up a note, AI Note Cleanup may be unable to find the right position for certain elements (images, tasks, links, etc.). To make sure nothing gets lost, those elements are automatically added to the bottom of the note so that you can manually reposition them where they fit best.

Why is there a character limit?

The AI Note Cleanup feature is powered by a generative AI model, which is by design characterised by a limited-size prompt. Such model doesn't operate on raw text, but rather on the underlying ENML code. This makes the character count available to the end user hard to define, as this can vary widely depending on the note formatting: for example, a note with minimal formatting will have a limit of around 6.000 characters. We'll keep working on the AI Note Cleanup to increase the character limit. We don't have a specific timeline yet, but stay tuned with the next releases to keep up with the latest updates!



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