Discontinued support for Evernote on Amazon devices

We removed the Evernote app from the Amazon Appstore on June 23, 2021. Customers with Evernote installed on their Amazon devices can continue to use the app, but it will no longer be available for download or update.

In addition, Evernote subscriptions billed through the Amazon payment system are no longer active.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Evernote no longer available on the Amazon Appstore?

In 2015, we announced that we would no longer be developing Evernote for Amazon devices. We are focusing on our commitment to invest in new features and functionality in our core apps, and are now ready to remove Evernote from the Amazon Appstore. Our core apps include:

These apps offer an extensive set of updates and capabilities in addition to what Evernote for Amazon offers.

Am I still able to use Evernote on my Amazon device?

Yes. Customers who currently use Evernote on an Amazon device can continue to do so. While we are not planning to turn this app off, existing features or functionality may stop working the next time your operating system is updated. Once your operating system is updated, there is no way to install a supported version of Evernote and it will not be available to re-download on your Amazon device.

What will happen to my notes if I begin using Evernote on another device?

Your notes and notebooks are synced to your Evernote account. You can confirm that they are synced by signing in to your Evernote account on any of our supported apps to view your notes.

I used to have a paid subscription through Amazon. How do I resubscribe?




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