Workflow: Share notes with your clients

Workflow: Share notes with your clients
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Workflow: Share notes with your clients

Sharing notes with your clients

You may be creating content in Evernote you would like to share with your clients, even if they do not have an Evernote account. This workflow is extremely valuable for anybody organizing work orders, creating informational resources or providing project updates to share. You can recreate this workflow from your desktop in the office or even on the go from your mobile device.

Please note this workflow can be created no matter what type of Evernote account you have.

There are two main features in Evernote that this workflow focuses on:

Step 1
Create your custom templates

As a first step, please create your own custom template. You can use tables, to give the note a clean look, add images to help with branding and even connect different resources with live links. All these features combined allow you to create a template that fits your needs and also looks great. Creating notes from templates is efficient, saving you time.

Here are two examples of what such a template could look like, but keep in mind there are really no limits to your creativity:

Need help creating templates? You can find the instructions here.

Step 2
Create a note with your custom templates

Once you have saved your custom template, you can easily create new notes with your template. Click to create a new note, then click on the grey template button and select your template from the template gallery. In a few steps you can now add content to your template note, such as text, images, MP4s, PDFs, other file types and much more. You can even use our annotation feature to call attention to images and/or PDFs in your note.

Here are two examples from the templates above filled in with content:

Step 3
Share a note with your clients

You can now share your note with your clients, by creating a shareable link from our Share menu. For more detailed instructions, please click here. The shareable link is essentially a URL to your note that can be opened by anybody who has access to the link. The best part is, that no Evernote account is needed! However, if your client does has an Evernote account, they have the option to easily save your note for later.

If you like to keep your clients up to date on a work order or project, the note displayed with the shareable link will update as you update your note in Evernote. With this feature, you can always be sure that you and your client are on the same page.


  • Since all your notes are searchable you can easily find notes shared via public link, so you can always keep an eye on your clients.
  • You want to stop sharing a note with a client? No problem, you can easily stop sharing from the share menu of your note. This will break the URL immediately.

For additional questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager. If you don’t have a Customer Success Manager, you can always email your questions to