In 2021, we changed our lineup of plans to offer more choices and features and help Evernote fit better with the way you work.

The new lineup of plans includes:

Frequently asked questions

What's different about the new plans?

Our new plans have been redesigned to offer more choices and fit better with the way you work. Learn more by visiting our Compare Plans page.

Can I still renew my plan if I'm on an old plan?

Plus and Premium customers are being gradually migrated to the newest Evernote Personal at their next renewal.
As we transition legacy subscriptions such as the former Plus and Premium plan to Evernote Personal, we must also adjust the price of your subscription to match our current offering. Therefore, you may notice an increase in price that reflects the latest developments and changes.
We’re committed to making Evernote better than ever—you can read about our most recent efforts in this blog post.

How do I upgrade to a new plan?

To learn how to upgrade your Evernote subscription, visit the dedicated section of our Help Center.

Can I return to or start a new Evernote Plus or Premium subscription?

No. Evernote Plus and Evernote Premium are no longer available for purchase, even if you have had one of these subscriptions in the past.

I have an Evernote Teams account and read that I also need to update my Evernote app. Is that true?

It is highly recommended you update to the latest version of Evernote. As we roll out new features, they will only be available in our newest apps. As part of updating your app, you may also be prompted to update your Evernote Teams account if you haven't already. See Update your Evernote Teams account for more information.


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