Tasks Early Access

Tasks Early Access
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Tasks Early Access

Tasks view in Evernote on desktop and mobile

Tasks is currently available for Early Access in our newest version of Evernote. During Early Access, most customers will have the opportunity to explore all the advanced features of tasks. When Tasks is officially released, some features will be limited to specific Evernote subscription plans.

For an overview of tasks, visit Tasks Overview.

Access Tasks during Early Access

When you sign in to a compatible version of the Evernote app, you will see a welcome screen for Tasks. Please note that some customers may not see Tasks or are not eligible based on certain factors. This includes:

  • Customers with more than 10,000 notes in their account when using Evernote Web. However, you can switch to the new Evernote Web to get around this limitation.
  • Evernote Business customers when using Evernote Web. However, you can switch to the new Evernote Web to get around this limitation.
  • Customers using Evernote on Android OS 9 or earlier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of the Evernote app do I have to be on to use tasks during Early Access?

Tasks is available in Evernote for Mac 10.15, Evernote for Windows 10.15, Evernote Web 10.15, Evernote for iOS 10.11, and Evernote for Android 10.11.

Can I disable Tasks?


When does Early Access end?

We don’t have a date to share just yet.

What features will be limited to specific subscription plans after Early Access ends?

What will happen to my existing tasks after Early Access ends?

Depending on your subscription plan, you may not see any changes to Tasks after Early Access ends. For customers without an eligible subscription plan, you will still be able to create and complete tasks, and will receive notifications for task reminders that were set prior to the end of Early Access.

Can I continue to use tasks after Early Access without subscribing to Evernote?

Yes. All customers can create and complete tasks. A subscription is only required for some advanced features of tasks, such as accessing tasks from the central Tasks view, setting a due date, or adding task reminders. If you'd like to continue using these features beyond Early Access, you need to upgrade your account to an eligible subscription plan.