Getting Started with Evernote Business Beta

Getting Started with Evernote Business Beta

Getting Started with Evernote Business Beta

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The new Evernote Business Beta makes it easier than ever for you and your team to get organized, work together, and stay productive.

It’s easy to join the beta on Evernote for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and web.

For Evernote Business account admins:

  1. Click on ‘Manage Betas’ in your admin console
  2. Find the Spaces beta
  3. Select ‘Enable Beta’

For Evernote end-users:

1. Enable the beta on your favorite devices:

  • Windows: Go to Options > General > Preferences and check “Enable beta features and updates”
  • Mac: Go to Preferences > Software Update > Options and check “Update to beta versions when available” (Note: If you don't see the Software Update tab in your Preferences, you are using the Mac App Store version of Evernote. Instead, download Evernote from our website, then follow the steps to enable the beta.)
  • Android: Make sure you have Evernote installed > Join the beta tester program from Evernote’s page in the App Store > Install the beta version of Evernote
  • iOS and web: Since you have activated the beta, you’ll automatically see it as soon as you log in

2. Update to the latest version of Evernote that should now be available to you

For beta questions or comments, join us in the Evernote forums.


What’s New

Spaces - a new way to collaborate

Spaces are a new, more efficient way of organizing your team’s information in Evernote Business. You can create a Space for a project, team, or topic; fill it with notes and notebooks; and share it with your team. Everyone on the team can see what has been shared with them in a Space, locate the information they need, and collaborate easily to get the job done.

You can set up your Spaces however you’d like. A Space can be a collection of notebooks and notes related to one project, one topic, or one workgroup. For example, you might have Spaces for:

Ways to use Spaces

Client and vendor management

  • Use notebooks for each client or vendor, containing notes from meetings, ideas, and proposals. If you already have existing notebooks for clients or vendors, group them into Spaces by geography, owner, or type.
  • Any new content will automatically be added and shared with team members you invite to the Space.
  • If you’re using Evernote Business Beta on the web, the “What’s New” widget helps you keep track of the latest client or vendor activity, meetings and tasks, and the “Pinned Notes” widget shows clients who need attention.

Spaces Overview

Managing Projects

  • Use notebooks for Meeting Notes, Ideas, Design Specs, and Marketing Materials. This example Space is for a newsletter redesign project. All the ideas, research, and work product for the project are collected into notebooks within the Space.
  • As project details are updated, the most recent changes will show up in the “What’s New” widget in Evernote Business Beta on the web. You might also consider adding a project overview note to the “Pinned Notes” widget so it’s easily visible to the team.

Spaces Overview

Process Management

Your notebooks within a Space may also represent stages in a process, where you move notes between notebooks as the stages move forward. For example:

  • Recruiting, with notebooks for Resumes, Phone Interviews, On-Site Interviews.
  • In this example, the hiring manager or recruiter would move a candidate’s resume from one notebook to another as a candidate moves through the recruiting process.
  • The “What’s New” widget shows the most recent candidate activity, and the “Pinned Notes” widget might provide the team with quick access to key recruiting and HR guidelines. Note that these widgets currently only appear in Evernote Business Beta on the web.

Spaces Overview

How you set up your Spaces depends on what your team needs. Chat with your team to determine what Spaces make the most sense for how your team will work together. It’s important to remember that notebooks can only live in one Space.

Setting up your first Space

Create a Space

Create a Space by clicking “New Space”, and give your Space a name. Let’s create one for “Sales.”

Create a Space

Add content to your Space

Once you’ve created your Space, you can create a new notebook directly within the Space by clicking the “New Notebook” button in the center of the screen or the “+ Notebook” icon in the upper-right of the screen.

Add content to your Space

Give your new notebook a name.

Give your notebook a name

If you’ve used Evernote previously and have existing notebooks, you can import them as well. Just locate an existing notebook you’d like to move, then right-click and select “Move Notebook” to move it to a Space.

Move a notebook

Select the Space you’d like to move the notebook to.

Choose a destination notebook

Alternatively, from within a notebook, click the three dots in the notebook header, then select “Move Notebook to” and select a Space.

Move notebook to another Space

Once you’ve added notebooks to your Space, you’ll see an overview of your Space, with newly added notes, along with a complete list of notebooks and notes that are in the Space. Once you invite team members, you’ll also see who you’ve shared your Space with.

An example Space

In addition to adding notebooks to the Space, you can also create individual notes directly from within a Space. Use these notes to create an overview of the contents of a Space or offer instructions for team members who are new to the Space.

To add a note to your Space, click the green “+ New Note” button in the sidebar, and add a title and other details to the note. In this example, we’ll add a “Sales Overview” note.

Create a new note in a Space

When you go back to your Space, you’ll see the note you just created show up in your list content in the Space.

Collaborating with Your Team

Once you’ve added a few notebooks and notes to your Space, it’s time to share it with your team so everyone can work together. Click the “Invite” button to invite your team members who are part of your company’s Evernote Business account. When you share a Space, you can choose whether team members can view, edit, or invite others on a person-by-person basis.

Invite your team members

Once you’ve invited team members to join, they’ll have the same level of permission for any notes and notebooks inside that Space, and they’ll be able to view the Space when they use Evernote Business Beta.

You can always see who you’ve shared a Space with by looking at the upper-right of the screen.

Spaces overview

Stay Updated with Widgets

A new feature in Evernote Business Beta are widgets, which are designed to help you and your team stay updated without having to send email to each other. Widgets display all recently created and updated notes, along with notes that have been pinned to the space for quick access. Currently, widgets are available only in Evernote Business Beta for the web.

As you and your team work together, you’ll see a list of recently added and updated notes under the “What’s New” widget. The “What’s New” widget automatically brings the most recent content right to your team, so everyone knows what’s going on. This is especially helpful to keep your team members updated as projects move forward.

What’s New widget

For notes you want to call attention to, like team overviews, process guidelines, or recent reports, use the “Pinned Notes” widget to keep them front-and-center for you and your team.

To pin a note, click the “Edit” button.

Pin a note

Select the note or note you want to pin from the list. In this case, we’ll choose the “Sales Overview” note.

Pinned notes

Click “Done” and you’ll see the “Sales Overview” note pinned directly in the widget. This makes it easy for people to find key overviews, project timelines, or meeting notes, without having to search for them.

Spaces widget


Frequently Asked Questions

Participating in the Evernote Business Beta program

Does everyone in my business have to be on the beta?

Android, iOS and Web users will automatically receive beta features once the business has opted-in to the beta. Mac & Windows users can use a toggle in their Preferences / Settings panels to enable or disable the beta.

How do I provide feedback during the beta period?

We’d love to hear from you via our support channels, or leave a comment in the forums, where we’ll be looking out for your feedback.

What if I don’t want to use the beta anymore?

  • Web: You can use the current version of Evernote Web by clicking your name in the upper left corner, then selecting “Switch to full version of Evernote”.
  • Windows: Turn off the toggle in Options > General > Enable beta features and updates
  • Mac: Turn off the toggle in Preferences > Software Update > Enable beta features and updates
  • Android & iOS: Your admin will need to disable the beta in the admin console.

Working with Spaces

What are Spaces?

Spaces are a new, more efficient way of organizing your team’s information in Evernote Business. You can create a Space for a project, team, or topic; fill it with notes and notebooks; and share it with your team. Everyone on the team can see what has been shared with them in a Space, locate the information they need, and collaborate easily to get the job done.

How are Spaces different than notebooks?

Notebooks let you organize and share a single set of content. Spaces are a powerful method for organizing and collaborating with your team around a project or multiple sets of content, which may span multiple notebooks.

  • A Space can contain both notebooks and individual notes, allowing you to better organize large amounts of content
  • A Space includes widgets to help keep track of what your team is working on

How are Spaces different than stacks?

Stacks are for you to create a personalized organization of your notebooks, whereas Spaces are for your team to organize in the same consistent way, so you can stay on one page and find shared content easily.

No one else can see your stacks, you can’t share them, and different users can put their notebooks in different stacks. Spaces are seen by all of your invited team members, and notes and notebooks can only belong in a single Space. You can easily share all of the Space’s contents by adding a team member to the Space. Contrary to stacks, Spaces can also contain individual notes.

Who can see the contents of a Space?

People who have been invited to the Space can view its contents. Depending on their permission level, they may also be able to edit the Space’s contents (notes and notebooks) and invite other team members to the Space.

Can I put items others have shared with me in a Space?

If you have permissions to move them, yes.

How do I delete a Space?

Deleting a Space is not yet supported during the beta. In the interim, you can remove members from the Space and leave the Space in the short term.

Does everyone in a Space automatically have permissions for every notebook within that Space?

Yes. Members of a Space will receive the same permissions of all the contents in the Space. In cases where an individual was shared notebooks or notes at greater permissions than the overall Space’s permissions, they will retain the greater permissions on those items.

Can you be part of a Space without joining all the notebooks within it?


Can a note or notebook be in more than one Space?


How do I leave or delete a business notebook?

Use Evernote Mac or Windows to leave a business notebook and remove it from your account. Only account admins can delete business notebooks using the admin console.

Managing notes and notebooks in Evernote Business Beta Web

What is supported in Evernote Business Beta for web?

Evernote Business Beta for web supports business notes and notebooks. To view your personal notes and notebooks, use Evernote for Mac, Windows, iOS or Android. Alternatively, switch to the full version of Evernote Web by:

Click on "Personal' to access your personal notes and notebooks in the full version of Evernote Web. Alternatively, in the Evernote Business Beta for web account menu, click on "Go to full client".

Can I access the business home and my published notebooks?

You cannot access the business home from the beta. To view the list of published business notebooks, switch to the full version of Evernote Web.

How do I select multiple notes or notebooks, or perform bulk actions, like moving multiple notes between notebooks?

You can import several notebooks into a s Space by opening the Space and clicking the menu button (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner. Select “Import Content” and choose the notebook(s) you’d like to import into the Space. Other multi-select functions are not supported in the beta. You can perform bulk actions using Evernote for Windows or Mac.

Can I change the notebook view?

No. You can only view notebooks in list view.

How do I switch to the full version of Evernote Web?

Click your name in the upper left corner of the browser window, then select “Switch to full version of Evernote” from the dropdown menu.

Switch to the full version of Evernote


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