Support from Evernote Experts via Directly

Support from Evernote Experts via Directly
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Support from Evernote Experts via Directly


Evernote Support uses a service called Directly to help connect Evernote users with Evernote Experts for fast, reliable resolutions. When you submit a support ticket, your ticket may be routed to an Evernote Expert to be resolved quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Evernote Experts? Are they bots?

Evernote Experts are real people! They're Evernote lovers and power users, and the majority of them are also Evernote Certified Consultants.

Are Evernote Experts employees of Evernote?

Evernote Experts are not employees of Evernote, and are unable to access customer accounts, make account or billing changes, or assist with more advanced technical issues. Please do not provide Evernote Experts with any personal information, such as your phone number, activity logs, passwords, address, payment details, or account information.

What types of questions do Evernote Experts answer?

Evernote Experts provide advice and instruction on general how-to, setup, and best practice questions. They may also offer very basic technical support.

Why does Evernote use Directly?

Using Directly allows us to provide extremely quick human interaction for our most commonly asked questions. Evernote Experts tend to respond in less than five minutes and are often available 24/7. We believe using Directly provides a satisfying experience because you can get the support you need and get back to work quickly.

What if I want to speak with an Evernote Support representative?

If your question is not being answered correctly, or you prefer to speak with an Evernote Support representative, simply ask that your request be routed to Evernote’s support team. Someone from Evernote Support will follow up with you from there.



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