How to use Siri with Evernote

How to use Siri with Evernote
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How to use Siri with Evernote

With iOS 11, you can create notes in Evernote with the help of Siri. Simply activate Siri and ask her to perform a task in Evernote. Siri can:

  • Create a new note
  • Create a note with a task list
  • Add to an existing note
  • Add to an existing task list
  • Search for notes in Evernote


Use Siri to create a brand new note. Siri can create text notes from your voice input, so try something like, “Hey Siri, create a ‘Meeting ideas’ note in Evernote.”


Use Siri to add text to an existing note. If you already have a note or task list in Evernote, you can simply tell Siri to add more text. “Add ‘Order lunch’ to my ‘Meeting ideas’ note.”


Use Siri to search for a note in your Evernote account. Siri searches note titles, notebook names, tag names, and stack names. Siri also understands inferred date ranges, so you can say something like “Show me what notes I created in Evernote last week,” or “Show me what notes I updated today.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use specific commands or sentence structure with Siri?

No. Siri can understand natural language.

What if I have multiple notes with the same title (e.g., "Meeting Notes")?

If Siri isn’t sure which note you’re referring to, you will be shown a list of matching or related notes to choose from.

Does Evernote support using Siri on a Mac?

No. Currently, macOS does not support SiriKit—the technology that allows Siri to handle your requests.



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