What is an Evernote Teams account notebook?

By default, the account notebook—titled 'My Notebook'—is your default team notebook. It cannot be shared, deleted, or put in a space. However, you may change the default notebook if you'd like.

Frequently asked questions

What is 'My Notebook'?

'My Notebook' is the default name for the account notebook. You can change the name of the notebook, but you cannot share or delete it. The purpose of the account notebook is to give you a default place to brainstorm and create before sharing with your team.

For account admins

Why can’t I delete/share/publish/change the contact of an account notebook from the admin console?

The account notebook is a special Teams account notebook that a user can work out of without worrying that they are sharing notes with the team before they are ready. This means this notebook can’t be shared, deleted, or published, even by an account admin.

How do I access content within a user’s account notebook?

The purpose of the account notebook is to give team members a default place to brainstorm and create. While the notebook isn't shareable, account admins can access the content by exporting the notebook from the admin console and importing it into their own account. Account notebooks will remain in the team account even when team members leave.



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