Configure SCIM with your Evernote Teams account


Evernote SCIM is based on the open standard System for Cross-domain Identity Management, and is used to help Evernote Teams account admins provision and manage identity data with third-party identity providers (IdPs). SCIM is only available in Evernote Teams accounts that have been updated.

Configure SCIM

To configure SCIM with your Evernote Teams account:

  1. Enable single sign-on.
  2. Go to the ‘SCIM’ page in the admin console and generate a bearer token by clicking the "Generate token" link. Note: You must copy the token immediately, as it will disappear on your next visit.
  3. Sign in to your identity provider and add/enable SCIM functionality.
  4. Verify the SCIM protocol version that your IdP supports, then configure SCIM with the V1 or V2 base URL:
    • SCIM 1.1 protocol:
    • SCIM 2.0 protocol:


  • Users are never deleted from Evernote, they are deactivated. Delete requests to the SCIM server are ignored.
  • Once a user is deactivated, they cannot be reactivated via SCIM.
  • New users cannot be created with the same username as a previously deactivated user.



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