Use the Touch Bar in Evernote for Mac

The Touch Bar in Evernote for Mac

The Touch Bar changes automatically based on what you’re doing to give you app-specific controls at your fingertips. In Evernote, there are three different Touch Bar modes: default, notes, and annotation.

Note: This feature is not yet available in the new Evernote for Mac.


The default Touch Bar in Evernote for Mac

A default set of frequently used global controls.

  • Back IconForward IconNavigate: Move backward and forward in your Evernote account
  • Search IconSearch: Search for a note, notebook, tag, or keyword
  • View/Sort IconView/Sort: Change the view and sort order of your notes list
  • Tags IconTags: Browse a carousel of your tags to filter your notes
  • New Note IconNew Note: Create a new note in the current or default notebook


The notes Touch Bar in Evernote for Mac

A set of easy-to-access formatting controls when editing a note.

  • Emoji IconEmoji: Add an emoji
  • Color IconColor: Choose a color for text, table cells, and table borders
  • Bold IconItalics IconUnderline IconText: Bold, italicize, and/or underline text
  • Left Alignment IconAlignment: Align text left, right, centered, or fully justified
  • Bullet List IconLists: Add a bulleted or numbered list


The annotation Touch Bar in Evernote for Mac

A set of markup tools when annotating an image or PDF.

  • Arrow Tool IconArrow tool: Add an arrow
  • Text Tool IconText tool: Add text
  • Line & Shapes Tool IconLine & Shapes tools: Create a line or shape
  • Pen & Highlights Tool IconPen & Highlight tools: Write freehand with opaque (pen) or transparent (highlight) digital ink
  • Stamp Tool IconStamp tool: Add a stamp
  • Pixelate Tool IconPixelate tool: Blur a portion of the image
  • Crop & Resize Tool IconCrop & Resize tool: Crop or resize the image
  • Color Options IconColor options: Change the color of your text, line, shape, or digital ink
  • Stroke Options IconStroke options: Change the width of your line, shape, or pen/highlighter

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Touch Bar customizable?

No. We don’t currently support the customization of the Touch Bar.

What are the buttons on the right side of the Touch Bar?

The right side of the Touch Bar is the Control Strip where you can access standard Mac functions, such as brightness, volume, and Siri.

Why do I see different buttons in the Touch Bar at different times?

The Touch Bar changes automatically based on what you’re doing.



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