Evernote 8.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Evernote 8.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
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Evernote 8.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch



Evernote 8.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Our iOS design and engineering teams have reimagined the Evernote experience on iOS from the ground up. Evernote 8.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is our fastest, most elegant iOS app ever.

Faster ways to find notes


Evernote now comes with a more intuitive navigational structure, with more shortcuts to simplify your workflow:

  • Home screen removed: Removal of the home screen reduces the number of steps it takes for you to get to your notes. As soon as you launch Evernote, you can see a list of all the notes in your account.
  • New tab bar: This lets you quickly and easily navigate to different areas of Evernote.
  • Quicker access to notebooks: There’s no longer a need to go back to the home screen to navigate to another notebook. Simply tap the name of the notebook at the top of the screen to switch to another notebook.
  • New tag and reminder search filters: When searching for notes, tap the tag button to bring up only those notes that correspond to the tag(s) you’ve selected. Tap the reminders button (alarm clock) to show only those notes with reminders.
  • Switch between personal and business accounts (Evernote Business only): There is now a clearer distinction between personal and business accounts. Personal and business notes now reside in separate accounts. Easily switch between accounts by selecting or long pressing the ‘Account’ tab on the tab bar.

Faster ways to create notes

Quickly create new notes

Immediately after you open Evernote, you’ll see the green ‘plus sign’ button. One tap opens a blank note so you can start typing right away. Long press this same button to create quick audio notes, reminders, and image captures (or document scans).

With Evernote, you never need to worry about saving your notes because Evernote regularly sync notes from your local device to the Evernote service. With Evernote 8.0+, however, you have the option of initiating a manual sync by simply swiping your finger down the screen when viewing a note list.

New text color and formatting options

Change the text color and font sizes

You can now change the size and add color to your text. Use the text size options to create headers, subheaders, and emphasize words and phrases.

We’ve also simplified the formatting options bar. The options are now grouped into separate panels (keyboard input, text styling, list and paragraph options).



Frequently Asked Questions


What are the red badges on my app icon?

The badges indicate the number of unread work chats and overdue reminders (including notebook reminders you’ve subscribed to). To clear the notification(s), review your unread work chats, mark notes with overdue reminders as done, clear the reminder, or set the reminder to a future date.


How do I organize my tags or create ‘tag’ shortcuts?

Select ‘Account’ tab > Settings > Manage Tags to view a list of all your tags. From here, you can delete tags or create shortcuts to tags for notes you search for frequently.


Where can I find Work Chat?

Work Chat has moved to the account info area. To view and send Work Chats, select the ‘Account’ tab in the tab bar.


Can I go back to the old version of Evernote?

No. Once updated, Evernote cannot be downgraded to a previous version of the app.


Notes and notebooks

Where did my notebooks go?

All your notebooks are still in your account. To view your notebook list:

  1. Select the ‘Notes’ tab to bring up your note list
  2. From any note list, tap ‘All Notes’, the notebook name, or the drop down at the top of screen

How do I view a list of all my notebooks


Can I change how my note list appears?

Yes. You can change the note preview size, the sort order, and the type of note content to include (with or without images or body text).


How do I change the sort order of a note list?

To change the sort order, go to the ‘Note List Options’ screen, and select  ‘date created’ or ‘note title’.

To view the ‘Note List Options’ screen:

  • From the ‘All Notes’ list view: Tap the options button (three dots) to see your note list sorting and viewing options.
  • From the note list view in any opened notebook: Tap the options button (three dots), then select ‘Note List Options’.

Note: To view a list of reminder notes sorted with overdue and upcoming notes first, tap the notebook name, then select ‘Reminders’ from the notebook list.


Can I change the image thumbnail that shows up in the note list?

No. This was not available in previous versions and is not available in this latest version. With version 8.0 you can, now, preview up to three image thumbnails from a note in the note list.


How do I create a notebook stack?

To create a notebook stack:

  1. From the ‘Notes’ screen, tap on the drop down menu near the more options (three dots) button
  2. From the notebook list, swipe left on the title of the desired notebook
  3. Tap on the settings gear icon
  4. From the ‘Stack’ section in ’Notebook Settings', select the desired stack


How do I move notes between notebooks?

To move notes between notebooks, select a note, then tap the name of the current notebook located just above the note title. Select the notebook where you want to move the note to.


How do I move personal notes to business notebooks (Evernote Business only)?

To move a personal note to a business notebook:

  1. Follow the steps above in 'How do I move notes between notebooks?'
  2. Then, scroll to the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap ‘Move to another account’
  4. Select the business notebook you’d like to move it to


Evernote 8.0 Features

What features are no longer available?

  • Home screen and home screen sections - Primary navigation has been moved to the tab bar, making it quicker to navigate around your account.
  • Color themes - These colors applied only to the home screen and items that opened within the home screen. Since we removed the home screen, color options are no longer available.
  • Presentation mode - You can use AirPlay to mirror your screen, or you can use presentation mode in Evernote for Mac or Windows.
  • Atlas or “Places” view - We plan to add a feature to filter notes by location, but there will no longer be a map view.
  • Suggested note titles - We want to give you more control over how to title your notes, rather than using an algorithm to suggest note titles based on location, calendar event, or note content.
  • Note list "card view" - "Card View" as it appeared in pre-8.0 versions has changed slightly. Instead of the option to view multiple columns of static-sized cards, all notes now have a card-like appearance. All notes now appear as a single-column list with varying sized cards, depending on how much note content you’d prefer to preview in the note list.


What features are coming in a future update?

  • Context and related notes
  • Note list scrubber (the ability to quickly move through long note lists)
  • Enhanced (native) business card notes
  • View tags in note list (formerly on iPad only)
  • Reminders enhancements


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