We are pleased to announce that, in January 2023, Evernote was officially acquired by Bending Spoons, a leading European technology company. For Evernote, the decision to join Bending Spoons is the next strategic step forward on our journey to be an extension of your brain. You can read the full news in the press release that accompanied the original announcement that an agreement had been reached, and in the blog post from Bending Spoons CEO Luca Ferrari.

Below we have answered your biggest questions:

Will Evernote continue to exist?

Yes! In fact, we believe the acquisition will help Evernote achieve exciting new heights. By teaming up with Bending Spoons, we can apply their expertise and wide range of proprietary technologies to make Evernote sharper, faster, more reliable, and more robust than ever before.

Are there any changes to my subscription?

There are no changes to Evernote’s subscriptions due to the purchase of Evernote by Bending Spoons.

How will my data be treated?

Evernote remains committed to protecting the privacy of your data. Please read our Privacy Policy to get more details. If you would like, you always have the option to download your data by following the process laid out in this article.

Who is Bending Spoons?

Bending Spoons is set to be the new owner of Evernote, following the completion of the acquisition. Bending Spoons is a leading European technology company based in Milan, Italy. The company leverages its powerful in-house platform technologies to launch, acquire, and scale a diverse portfolio of digital products. Since its founding in 2013, Bending Spoons has served nearly half a billion people across the globe. Its products are currently used by about 100 million people each month.



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